Structural concrete repair system

Substrate preparation:

The substrate must be clean and sound. Any corroded reinforcement must be exposed and cleaned.

1. Corrosion protection: 

PCI Legaran RP: Corrosion protection for bridges and civil engineering structures to ZTV-ING

2. Repair mortar: 

PCI Nanocret R4 PCC: Heavy-duty repair mortar for concrete structures on floors, walls and overhead applications, or alternatively PCI Nanocret R4 Rapid: fast-acting repair mortar for concrete structures

3. Fairing coat for surfaces: 

PCI Nanocret FC: Fiber-reinforced concrete smoothing compound for walls and soffits

4. Surface protection: 

PCI Polyflex: Flexible surface protection for facades and civil engineering structures 

System for Concrete Repair
Multi-use system for the refurbishment of concrete with structural requirements


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